Great design for every space in your life

it’s your house - CB Wilson Interior Design is a fully independent residential interior design firm. We work for you and are not obligated to sell the inventory of one particular retail store or franchise. Interesting rooms, just like people, evolve; a room’s furnishings shouldn’t come from just one place, time period or style. Whether it’s a one-of-a kind flea-market treasure, something that you already own, custom designed storage that utilizes otherwise wasted space or all of the above; we’ll help you make your house, your home.

plan the work and work the plan - Once the project outline and scope of our work has been determined, our design staff creates a written and illustrated plan specifically for your project. These presentation materials may include a computer-generated floor plan, cost estimates of labor and materials, as well as illustrations and any product samples necessary for you to fully understand, envision and approve. This detailed plan will enable you to do everything all at once, or in phases.

do more with less - You may have everything you need, but don’t know how to make it all work. Our passion is to help you make your surroundings harmonious, functional and beautiful – and not just to sell you “more stuff”.

talk is cheap - If you live in the Lake Geneva area, call to make an appointment for a complimentary initial meeting in your home or in our office. Otherwise, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to talk with you. 262-275-1123

“The test of a well-designed and comfortable space is not only how it looks, but how it functions and feels. Good design is authentic, enduring and appropriate… It fits your lifestyle”.



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